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introduction to spanishFIRST STEPS IN SPANISH #1: WITHOUT GRAMMAR!
A fast and simple approach for starters and re-starters. 100% bilingual, Spanish-English.

This book is about getting to know Spanish through reading and practicing. It is not a textbook, but it will give you confidence in the language right from the start.

FIRST STEPS IN SPANISH is for people who are new to Spanish, or whose knowledge is limited. It is also for people who have studied some Spanish, but who have forgotten most of what they learned. Most importantly, it is not about grammar!

This book is about feeling comfortable with Spanish through reading and practicing. Exercises are very short, and are all in Spanish and English, allowing you to progress at exactly your own pace, even if it’s just two minutes a day.

FIRST STEPS IN SPANISH is not about grammar. However, there are som notes about grammar and the differences between English and Spanish, especially in the earlier chapters. These are very brief, and if you really hate grammar, just ignore them.


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