1000+ test questions for reading and translation practice plus Spanish SATs!

This book is not for beginngers. It’s for anyone who has already acquired a working knowledge of the language and wants to improve their Spanish language skills. It’s particularly useful for high school and college students of Spanish, and those taking Spanish SATs, allowing you to practice reading comprehension and develop vocabulary, as well to work on translations from English to Spanish.

There are over a THOUSAND test questions here, almost all of them bilingual Spanish-English. The idea is simple: lots (and lots) of opportunities to practice your Spanish and to deepen your knowledge of the language. If you are an intermediate or advanced student of Spanish, this book will help you to practice your Spanish skills, develop your comprehension, and grow your vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

All 1,000+ questions are based on single sentences or short paragraphs. We’ve tried to include as many different kinds of test questions as possible, some of them quite unusual, but always useful for helping you to improve your Spanish.

There are seven units in the book, offering a mixture of different kinds of material. Each unit also has a section of test questions for Spanish SATs, covering the three basic question types for Spanish SAT tests (gap-filling sentences, gap-filling paragraphs, and reading comprehensions).

Almost every sentence in the book is accompanied (often on the next page) by a translation into English. This allows you to ‘click’ through as much material as you want, even if it’s just a sentence or two at a time.
This book is not a textbook, and it does NOT contain any grammar exercises! It is an extra resource for learners to help them improve their Spanish language skills. However, the texts themselves contain a very wide variety of Spanish verbs, tenses, grammatical structures, and Spanish expressions. The vocabulary is also very rich and varied. Plus, no need to worry if you don’t understand everything; an English translation is just a click away!

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