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spanish phrasebookClic-book Digital Media’s new:

: The best digital companion for study and travel

Do you want to speak Spanish? This book will help you to understand and express the basics quickly and effectively.

Designed and written for electronic devices, the SPANISH PHRASE BOOK is a reliable, easy-to-use resource for anyone who needs Spanish for work or travel.

Perhaps you can already ‘get by’ in Spanish, but want to know more? This book will let you expand your knowledge, focusing on a wide range of situations, including:

Meeting people  |  General conversation  |  Numbers & measurements  |  Sight-seeing  |  Entertainment  |  Travel  |  Hotels & accommodation  |  Driving  |  Health: illness, doctors and medicines  |  Emergencies  |  Shopping  |  Food & drink (lots of this!)  |  Business  |  Jobs  |  Education  |  Communications  |  Bank & money  |  Police & crime  |  Technology  |  The weather  |  Sports & hobbies  |  Time, date, year  |  Special days & celebrations  |  Family life  |  Pets  |  Describing people  |  Emotions  |  Religion

For those who simply want to be able to communicate in Spanish when visiting a Spanish-speaking country, this book is the perfect start. Are you sick of pointing to things when you want to buy them? Now you don’t have to!

And if you’re a beginner, the simple pronunciation guide to every word and phrase means that learning to speak Spanish can be a quick and straightforward process.

With all these topics at your fingertips, you will be able to:

Conduct essential conversations
Share and request important information
Read menus and other information and order exactly what you want
Ask advice and get the best out of your vacation
Take control of your vacation or business trip

~ * ~

Whatever your needs, this phrase book is an incredibly useful way to carry the basics around with you. Ideal for quick access, it contains over 1,500 of the most useful phrases in the Spanish language, arranged in practical, everyday topics. Each phrase is translated into Spanish, and is accompanied by a simple transcription for pronunciation, allowing you to pronounce the phrase correctly, every time.

Whether you are traveling for business or learning Spanish for pleasure, Clic-book’s new SPANISH PHRASE BOOK will become your best digital companion. 

Full list of contents:

1. PHRASE BOOK. Over 1,500 phrases arranged into fifty-seven topics. Each phrase is given in English, Spanish, and in an easy-to-read pronunciation format (using normal letters, not phonetic symbols).

2. PRONUNCIATION TIPS AND GRAMMAR. Some basic information to help you use the phrase book and dictionary, including an explanation of the pronunciation of Spanish, and the transcriptions used in the book.

3. DICTIONARY. A 5000-word English-to-Spanish mini dictionary to provide you with easy access to all the most useful vocabulary.

4. 100 ‘clickable’ tests. Arranged by topic, these randomized quizzes let you test your knowledge of the phrases and words in the book. A great way to revise and expand your knowledge of the language.

5. 60 PROMPT CARDS. Download the PDFs of sixty single-sheet prompt cards, each one on a specific topic. Cards contain the most essential vocabulary and phrases for specific situations, and are designed so you can have them in your hand when you speak.

6. WWW RESOURCES FOR LEARNING SPANISH. A list of some of the most useful and interesting websites for people learning Spanish.

7. CLIC-BOOKS DIGITAL MEDIA. A brief guide to other books for learners of Spanish.

¡Buena suerte! (good luck!)


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