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Clic-books are a simple and enjoyable way to practice a foreign language. Using your phone, tablet or e-book reader, work through the texts at your own pace. They are 100% bilingual, so it’s like having a personal tutor you as you read!


Because people have busy lives, and learning languages is difficult and time-consuming. Clic-books are all about little and often. Whenever you have a few minutes free, practice a foreign language in a relaxed and convenient way, developing your knowledge quickly and effectively.


Clic-books present you with very short examples of a foreign language, normally one sentence at a time. By clicking to the following page you see the same sentence, along with a translation into your own language. Use these to check your comprehension, enriching your vocabulary and fluency as you go.

Are Clic-books a language-learning methodology?

No. Clic-books are not a ‘miracle method’ or even a ‘method’. They’re a just an entertaining way to spend a little spare time reinforcing and adding to your understand of a foreign language.

How quickly should I work through the texts?

At whatever speed suits you. Reading slowly and carefully will allow you to try and understand every word and construction; moving faster will help you to read fluently for meaning, even when certain words or constructions are not understood.

But I don’t understand all the language in the examples.

When you read a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language you probably don’t understand everything either. Part of the skill of understanding a foreign language is the ability to extract meaning even when your comprehension is not 100%.

Are the translations here completely literal?

They are as close as we could get while keeping to standard, everyday language. So use the translations as a guide for comprehension, not as an explanation of grammatical structures.

I sometimes find myself focussing on the content, and not paying attention to the language used.

Good! Language is a means to communication, so if you can work through these examples of real language forget that they are a way of practicing it, that’s great

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